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“Confidence.” We can not turn on our radios without hearing about it because after all Demi said it best “what’s wrong with being confident?” (oh whoa whoa)!! Having at least 25 magazines on the stand giving us a new tip on how to gain it. Sometimes it can be as easy as someone giving us a compliment that helps so I case you haven’t heard it already today I AM PROUD OF YOU!

If you don’t mind, let me take a minute to be REAL transparent here. Confidence was something I never struggled with as a kid until I got into Jr. High (who’s with me?) Those awkward years of not knowing what do you with your limbs that grew faster than the rest of your body, or in my case my long fingers (yes I use to get made fun of that and my pointy nose). Ok, so what, you might be asking? Yea maybe my perceived flaws were not the same as yours but my point is, we all have insecurities, every single one of us.So what do we do, who do we look to and what do we place our hopes in in order to be confident? This was a personal journey for me and whether you are still trying to figure out what will work for you, I’m writing this blog as a way to share my experiences of what helped me gain confidence and hopefully help some of you along the way.

Before you get in too deep, you are probably wondering who I am and why you would even want to keep reading. So let me tell you a little about myself. Well for starters, I love God, I’ve been married to my best friend since age 7 for 10 years now, we have 2 dogs, no kids, I’m a big-time runner (people think I’m crazy but Texas summers are my favorite time of year to run), I’m super Type-A even though I like to think I’ve chilled out over the years, and in my 32 years of living I have racked up a pretty eclectic resume of jobs including Dental Hygienist, Model, TV Host, Actress, Talent Manager, Producer, Advertiser, Writer, Firearm Instructor and my newest venture is in the works of designing and running an athletic line. Further more, nothing gets me more excited than to hop on a plane and travel the world, meet new people, try exciting foods and face a new adventure. However, while I love being active and social, there’s a part of me that needs my downtime at home (my favorite place is my back porch with a good glass of wine and a good book.)

So as you can see, my interests are diverse so my blog will be too. This is my space to share information everything from fashion and fitness tips to yes, even the occasional information about something I’m passionate about which would be educating women on how to safely use and store firearms (more on this to come.) I hope you come along with me and enjoy the journey. Feel free to leave any suggestions or recommendations on things you’d like to know and I will always do my best to answer because like I said I can help with everything from flossing techniques to picking out your first handgun! Stay with me and you will have many tools in your tool bag to live a confident lifestyle.

Smile and make it a great day!