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Ladies, as you know, it is my mission and passion in life to see each and every one of you live confident, self reliant, prepared lives. Once you have decided that this lifestyle is for you a big part of living out your self reliance is preparation through training. I know its not a sexy word but it’s important, just like if you decided to run a marathon one day, you wouldn’t think about crossing that starting line without some training. However, this post isn’t as much about the training itself as much as it about knowing that there may be some minor changes you have to make to take this lifestyle serious, but nothing as drastic as you might think. 

I’ll tell you a quick story about  when I first wanted to learn about firearms and how I thought much of my current lifestyle would have to be changed in order to accommodate this new love of mine. I remember how naive I was to what a typical day at the range looked like. The first time I ever went to a range I would show up to the pistol bay with perfectly quaffed hair, a pair of brand new LuLu Lemon tights and a fresh manicure. I felt ready to conquer all of the new things I was going to learn in this training and quite possibly conquer the world. 

It didn’t take long for reality to hit very quickly. I saw that fresh manicure I just spent $50 on flash before my eyes and I realized that things needed to change. Not only was I going to  have to trade in my Ray Bans for something much safer to protect my eyes nor were my current leggings going to cut it for my new concealed carry lifestyle but then there was this issue with my manicures (which was important because when I left the range, I had a whole other life I had to go to that involved being camera ready at a moments notice and that included having nice nails).

If you’ve been following me for sometime you know that this was one of my “a ha” moments that led me to start Alexo Athletica. I needed functional clothing that not only gave me the ability to live a self reliant lifestyle but I wanted to create a brand that supported my right to do that how I saw fit. I knew early on that this new way of life would require a few changes in my current lifestyle but not major ones. Starting Alexo meant I didn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function and the other things, like changing my current glasses out or learning to keep my manicures fresh simply meant making minor adjustments. 

I found that I could find glasses that saved my eye site AND still looked good with a little research and then I stumbled upon a really awesome product called the Elite Tactical Systems Speed Loaders that made loading magazines not only much faster and easier but it saved me a lot of time and money at the nail salon. These loaders were easy to pack and take with you the range and even easier to use. If you’ve struggled like I did to find ways to lessen your time loading magazines and save those pretty nails then head to to pick up a couple and use code ETSAMY for 10% off any of your purchases. 

In the world of self reliance, remember you don’t have to change too much about your current lifestyle you just need to be willing to open your eyes and see the world differently around you, even if it is behind a pair of ballistic-grade glasses.

My best,
Amy Robbins
CEO Alexo Athletica

Do you hate spending time loading mags and ruining your manicure as much as I do? Well, Elite Tactical Systems has solved that with their mag loaders.

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