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It is 11:30 am and I am finally getting to sit down to write my very first blog post after launching my new site. After already making a trip to the chiropractor to work on a nagging neck issue, cleaning up the house, taking care of fur babies and eating a really yummy Go-Macro bar on the go I am fully energized to launch this site with a post about my favorite picks for my favorite time of the year FALL! I want to applaud all you hard working women out there who have already accomplished as much or more than I have this morning without even breaking a sweat. You are all superwomen in my book.

Before I launch into that, let me make a quick intro of myself and what you can expect on this blog. I am a woman on a mission to see women everywhere live the confident lives they were meant to live and fulfill their purpose on this earth. Like you I am bombarded in every direction of “do this for more confidence, be that for more confidence, wear this, don’t wear that” and on and on. What I have learned in my life through many ups and downs is that confidence must first and foremost be placed in something or someone much larger than ourselves which for me is God. I sit here at my age still struggling with being 100% confident in who I am and whose I am at all times but we are all works in progress. With that, I am starting this website to share my journey of how faith, fashion, fitness and firearms have all fused together to make me who I am and build confidence in my life. I hope you find it beneficial.

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I am the self-proclaimed, go-to girl to help you “Look Great and Shoot Straight.” I am a big advocate for women to look their best in order to feel their best but beyond that I also am a big advocate for women to start taking responsibility for their own lives and seeing the confidence and empowerment that builds when doing that. For me that journey began a few years ago when I received my very first firearm for Christmas. Like any good Texas dad mine said he would not allow any of his daughters to “live in a house where they could not protect themselves.”

I did not know much about guns other than I was a damn good shot and had a knack for pointing, shooting and hitting things as small as eggs out of trees. Yes we would have competitions out on our family land after opening presents and I was awesome. Other than the occasional family contest, that was the extent of my firearm use and it sat on my nightstand ready to send any intruder to meet their Maker should they break into my house at an ungodly hour of the night. That was it. I did not think much about them, I certainly didn’t train much with them. In fact I liked to say that “my gun fit into my life like my Neiman’s card and my Bible.” However fast forward to today after hosting several different gun shows, my love for firearms grew and so did my passion to help women overcome the barriers of entering into the firearm world. Now as a firearm instructor and the proud owner of a License to Carry I have made it my mission to help women everywhere never have to sacrifice fashion for function when carrying.

That brings me to today’s post. I’ve been waiting for this Texas heat to go away since practically last winter and when it finally hit 75 degrees outside I considered that time to bust out the leather jackets. Now I have several leather jackets for the same reason I have several different shades of red lipstick…because I want to and because different occasions call for different items. But no matter what your preference, it is a MUST to have a go-to leather jacket on hand as the weather cools down. Here are a couple of my favorite looks. Side note for those of you who do conceal carry or are considering conceal carry I will share how I carried with each of these looks in posts to come.

First off, this is one of my all time favorite looks when I am in Cali. I wear cutoffs out there like I wear tight-as-pants back home in Texas. They are a great transition piece to go from beach to dinner. In this case  I just threw on some killer heels and a gorgeous Helmut Lang leather jacket compliments of and BAM! I was ready to steamroll my competition at the pool table at Adult’s Only.

As you can see the leather jacket is the ultimate way to add instant “cool” to any outfit. They can dress up cutoffs, dress down a dress, or just be thrown on as your running out the door to meet up with friends at the local dive bar. Either way make sure you don’t get caught without one this fall!