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Amy Robbins talks to Tiffany Dillon, Director of Design for 511 Tactical and Emily Valentine author of the StyleMeTactical Blog and co-host of the Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast about the recent comments made by CNN analyst Tom Fuentes.


Tiffany Dillon

Tiffany Dillon Director of Design at @511tactical Lover of Everything Beautiful Proud wifey of @ohheyitsdillon

Emily Valentine

I couldn’t identify with the pink guns and corresponding pink accessories. I couldn't relate to the huntresses or the scantily-clad gun bunnies. I definitely couldn't relate to the outdated articles for women written mostly by men. Where were all my stylish and classy ladies? Didn't they also want to be self-reliant? I was feeling a bit frustrated by the lack of resources when I decided that if I couldn't relate to the information that was out there, then I would put it out there myself. What I came to realize is that this new passion was more about creating a lifestyle. A lifestyle I wanted to embrace and share.

Alysia Burrows

Amy and Emily get to know Alysia Burrows while at the Heckler & Koch booth during SHOT Show 2018. Alysia lets the girls in on her personal style and how it influences her social accounts and shooting. Amy and Emily dive into how she got started with shooting for fun and now as a competitive shooter. Learn how Alysia balances being a mom of 4, baking, swing dancing, shooting, and keeping life fun! Hear Emily and Alysia bond over their love of the HKVP9, how Alysia does concealed carry, concerns about carrying while being a mom, and gun safety with kids.

Look Great Shoot Straight

Amy Robbins is spreading a message of faith, confidence, optimism, hard work and perseverance. With her faith and a love for family, fashion, fitness and even firearms, Amy seeks to help women everywhere live the confident, fulfilled life they were born to live.